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Activities and Experiences in Riebeek Kasteel, Riebeek West, Hermon, Riebeeksrivier

riebeek valley cape town riebeek kasteel south africa
riebeek valley riebeek kasteel cape town south africa
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Experiences & Activities in the Valley
Peach blossoms Riebeeksrivier road scenic drives hike up Kasteelberg Blue Cranes village dirt road Red Ox Monument
The vineyards in autumn is a sight to behold, as is the blossoms of peach and other decidious fruit trees in spring. Walk, drive or bike on scenic dirt roads like the Riebeeksrivier road.
See "Biking Trails"
Hike up Kasteelberg and enjoy 360° views over the Swartland and towards Table Mountain in the distantce.
See "Hiking Trails" below.
Blue Cranes can be seen on farm land and wheat fields in the Swartland, gathering in large flocks in winter months. Stroll around the villages and enjoy the rural atmosphere. Visit the Red Ox Monument on the village square, erected in 1938 to honour the brave oxen of the Great Trek.
See "History Route"
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Die Bruid, die Pixie en die Vaalhond Theatre Restaurant Riebeek Kasteel  

Join us for loads of fun with events, ranging from live music, musical productions, theatre productions, children's productions, movies and animals.
Open: during festivals and weekends and as advertised on Facebook.
Chill afternoon every Saturday 13h00.
Theatre 1st Friday of every month.

Eric or Melindi
T E L: 082 853 4377
T E L: 082 853 4377
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Bartholomeus Klip Game Viewing Day Trips Hermon  
Morning game drives visiting the Buffalo Breeding Project and the Quagga Breeding Programmes. Tracking the rare geometric tortoise and viewing game like Bontebok, Cape Mountain Zebra, Eland, Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, as well as numerous indigenous plants, birds and animals in our wonderful 4 000 hectare private nature reserve, escorted by our qualified guides in an open game viewing vehicle. 
Various breakfast, brunch, lunch, high tea or dinner packages can be combined with game drives. Please enquire or visit our website for more information.
T E L: 022 448 1087
F A X: 022 448 1829
Swartland Birding Route

The Swartland now boasts a brand new birding route after volunteers, birders and Swartland Tourism joined forces to establish fourteen individual routes, a number of which includes Kasteelberg and the Riebeek Valley. Full maps and summaries of the routes can be found on the Swartland Tourism website. The maps give a clear indication of reserves, hiking trails, hides, a checklist, as well as other tourist attractions.

Visit the website: www.swartlandtourism.co.za/birds.htm
Join the facebook forum: www.facebook.com/groups/swartland.birding.route

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Het Vlock Casteel Farm Tours & Tastings Riebeek Kasteel
Het Vlock Casteel (Môrester) lies at the foot of Kasteelbergand is very much a family owned and run experience. This is clearly apparent when you book a tasting or tour on the farm. The family is passionate about their products and have a strong philosophy of interacting directly with visitors and making them feel most welcome. Wine tasting, olive oil glass tasting, Môrester vino & fruit tours. Sample Het Vlock Casteel exquisite produce – award winning olives, olive oil, jams, chutneys, preserves, salad dressings, shiraz wine vinegar, etc. Peaches, grapes & citrus for sale during season. Môrester tours throughout the year. Booking essential. Open: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm; Sat 9am-2pm

Ansie Vlok

T E L: 082 817 6955
Click for BIGGER view ! Heatherby's Heritage Rose Sanctuary & Nursery at the Riebeek Valley Hotel

Visit and experience the biggest collection of Heritage Roses in South Africa; 6000+ roses planted on the different garden terraces of the hotel. Heatherby’s Specialist Growers of Fragrant Old Fashioned Roses also has a Nursery where you can purchase some of these beauties. Planning a Rose Festival, watch this space!
Cathy Esterman
T E L: 076 303 7222
Facebook Facebook
Riebeek Valley Hotel
T E L: 022 461 2672
Click for BIGGER view ! RT Cycleworx Riebeek Kasteel

Bicycle related services to the Riebeek Valley Community and visitors exploring our beautiful surroundings. The key to getting the best, be it transport, leisure, exercise, or adventure.
Contact us for personalised and professional service, repairs, bike hire or come and see our classic bike range.
Allan Mossop
T E L: 073 808 5072
Click for BIGGER view ! Riebeek Valley Museum Riebeek Kasteel

A glimpse into the recorded history of the Valley's rich heritage.
Open Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm; Every second Sat 9am – 1pm.

This beautiful old 1856 church is also available to hire for weddings.
Laetitia Mans
T E L: 022 448 1584
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Jan Smuts Museum Riebeek West.

Birthplace of General Jan Smuts on the farm Ongegund, now on the grounds of the PPC cement factory. See the cottage where Smuts was born in 1870 and an exhibition of photographs of his life. Pleasant setting for a picnic under the trees on the grounds over weekends, when there is no activity at the cement factory.
Open Tues-Sun 10-1pm and 2-5pm.
> Read his life history on this excellent Wikipedia article.
> More about the restoration of Smuts House here.
T E L: 022 461 8000
T E L: 083 348 2587
Riebeek Valley Hiking Trails
mountain bikingg trails western cape riebeek valley


The Riebeek Valley hiking trails will be operational again this Spring. All efforts to have the trails available soonest are currently in progress. This site will be updated accordingly.

All persons entering this area and using its facilities, do so entirely at their own risk. Riebeek Valley Tourism and/or its employees and/or agents and/or its successors in title shall not be liable for any damage, loss, theft, injury, accident or death suffered by any person, howsoever caused. Right of Admission Reserved.

1 A permit for each hiker must be carried on the trail at all times. Sign in at the start of the walk, and sign out when complete. Notify someone of your route and when you expect to be back.
2 Permits may be obtained from Riebeek Valley Tourism, Riebeek Kasteel, during their opening times.
3 Do not approach any of the wildlife, especially the baboons, and especially do not feed them or leave food lying around – they are still in their natural state and respect humans as superiors. Feeding them will change this.
4 No smoking and under no circumstances light a fire.
5 Cliched as it might sound, take nothing but photographs. Some of the vegetation on Kasteelberg is endemic to this mountain and any disturbance could endanger its survival.
6 If you encounter any of the San art or other historical features respect them; they are of cultural importance, and the San sites reflect spiritual places for these people. They are also protected by law.
7 In an emergency there is good cell phone reception on most (not all) of the mountain.
The number for the local police is 022-461 8100.
8 Enjoy the hike!

Hiking Trail Riebeek Kasteel Western Cape South Africa
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mountain bikingg trails western cape riebeek valley

Pieter Cruythoff was the leader of a party sent out by Commander Jan van Riebeeck to scout the hinterland.
When they arrived at this mountain, one of the party, Peter van Meerhoff named it Riebeeck’s Casteel, in honour of the first commander of the Cape. At the parking spot on Bothmanskloof Pass is a memorial commemorating this event, and this is the starting point of the hike. Once you have parked and admired the view, walk up beside the road to the top of the pass, being extremely careful of the passing traffic, especially large trucks. At the top, on the northern side, you will see a stile (GPS 33°24'9"S 18°52'13"E)– this is the beginning of the hiking trail.

After walking a short distance through the cleared patch, you will see the route indicated on your left by a white footprint on a rock. From here the path is clear and similarly marked. As soon as you start up the incline cast a look to the south west where you will see Table Mountain on the horizon; as you ascend so more of this symbol appears.

Please note that this route is through private property, and permission for access has been given by Mr Pieter du Toit of Kloovenburg and Mr Gert Kotze of Meerhof. At all times respect this and do not stray from the marked route. The exception is that you may enter the Waterval Kasteelberg Nature Reserve (see map), which is a free ramble without marked paths. For this you must have experience in mountain exploring in wild terrain.

For security reasons you must be in possession of a permit whilst on the mountain – it may be obtained from: Riebeek Valley Tourism, on the square in Riebeek Kasteel during published opening hours.


Kasteelberg Hiking Trail Riebeek Kasteel Western Cape

Hiking Trail Riebeek Kasteel Western Cape South Africa
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mountain bikingg trails western cape riebeek valley

Hiking Trail Riebeek Valley

Carl Peter Thunberg was a Swedish botanist and explorer who ascended Kasteelberg in 1774, and who left a vivid description; this path leads to the approximate place he summited.

The start of the trail is Pulpit Rock Winery, which is just north of Riebeek West on he R311.

Walk up the path between the vines (but please do not stray into the cultivated area – remember, this is a working farm) until you are above the vineyards; below you will be Pulpit Rock Winery.

At this point (GPS 33°20'31"S 18°50'37"E), at the side of a gully you will see a jeep track running sharply up to the right; it goes up the slope of the mountain. Follow this. It soon turns into a narrow trail until you arrive at a very large cairn (GPS 33°20'30"S 18°50'30"E) indicating the route up.

The next landmark is a large wild olive tree (GPS 33°20'32"S 18°50'19"E). Keep on the path and you will see it follows a ravine up to a series of rocky outcrops, around which you must skirt. Once above these there is no formal path but the vegetation becomes much lower and it is easy to walk up to the summit.

Just avoid the obvious sheer rock faces and the route up, although fairly steep, is not difficult. Make a note and return by the same route.


Kasteelberg Hiking Trail Riebeek Kasteel Western Cape

On the summit you can scramble along the ridge, savouring ravishing views of Table Mountain and the Cape in one direction, and into the Piketberg, Cederberg and beyond in the other.

For security reasons you must be in possession of a permit whilst on the mountain – it may be obtained from: Riebeek Valley Tourism, on the square in Riebeek Kasteel during published opening hours only.
mountain bikingg trails western cape riebeek valley
Riebeek Valley Biking Trails
mountain bikingg trails western cape riebeek valley
Kasteelberg Biking Trail Riebeek Kasteel
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mountain bikingg trails western cape riebeek valley
The Kasteelberg cycle trail takes in the villages of Ongegund, Riebeek West and Riebeek Kasteel, as well as the scenic (sand) Riebeeksrivier Road. You can chooose to do this route at a lesirely pace, stopping to savour the views, or attempt the more energetic 70 minute sprint. Start at the Spar in the Main (Voortrekker) Road in Riebeek West, and travel towards Riebeek Kasteel.
Just past the village turn right at the T-junction and go over the steep Bothmanskloof Pass. Once over turn towards Riebeeksrivier; the road becomes sand. Keep a look-out for Table Mountain over your shoulder. At the far end you will encounter two T-junctions, the second back onto tar, and end at Riebeek West.
Mountain Bike Trail Riebeek Kasteel
mountain bikingg trails western cape riebeek valley

Riebeek valley Farm Roads Biking Trail Riebeek Kasteel
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mountain bikingg trails western cape riebeek valley
The Riebeek Kasteel farm road cycle trail starts at the Riebeek Valley Tourism office. There is ample parking in the centre. Travel down the Main Street past the Royal Hotel, Short Street (great places to refresh on your return), and the imposing Dutch Reformed Church, until you reach the stop sign at Hermon Road. Turn right, and ride to the village edge. From here turn left and there is a quick downhill section on the provincial road (R46) in the direction of Hermon. Take care of traffic on this part. When you reach a sign indicating Delsma Farm, turn left onto the sand road and shortly you will travel over the railway line – check properly, it is in use!
Keep on this road until just past Delsma, where there is a left turn signed Rooihoogte. Take this and ride until a row of labourers' cottages and grain silos; just beyond, at a crossroads, turn left towards the 'green structure'. Stay on this road until just beyond Delico, where you once again turn left towards Riebeek Kasteel. Once over the railway line you will pass Riebeek Cellars on your way back to the tourism office. Enjoy the wonderful views of seemingly endless wheatfields and Kasteelberg.
Riebeek Valley farm roads biking trail
mountain bikingg trails western cape riebeek valley

Riebeek Valley Farm Roads Biking Trail Riebeek West
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mountain bikingg trails western cape riebeek valley
The Riebeek West farm road cycle trail starts in Voortrekker Road, in front of the Dutch Reformed Church. There is ample parking in the street. Travel north along Voortrekker Road until you reach the top of a short incline where a right turn to Gouda is indicated. Take this and sail down the hill towards the silos and Riebeek West Station. Just beyond the road becomes sand. Cross over the railway line (take care, this line is in use!) and ride between endless vineyards. At the 4,7km point the road makes a sharp left turn and you continue down a gentle decline, until once again the railway line appears on your left.
Shortly thereafter take a left turn and cross the line once again. You will have the magnificent Winterhoek Mountains on your right and at the top of a rise the road makes a 90° turn to the left. Keep on this until you reach a T-junction, where you turn left towards Kasteelberg and PPC, where you'll turn left again. Cross the railway line and the road becomes tar. At the top of the hill turn left back into Riebeek West, passing Groenrivier on the right, and into Voortrekker Road once more, to the starting point. Enjoy the wonderful views of seemingly limitless vineyards, wheatfields and Kasteelberg.
Riebeek West farm roads biking trail
mountain bikingg trails western cape riebeek valley
The Riebeek Valley History Route
mountain bikingg trails western cape riebeek valleydownload brochure
Riebeek Valley History Route
History Riebeek Valley
mountain bikingg trails western cape riebeek valley

an hour from the Riebeek Valley
The Riebeek Valley is within an hour's drive of beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, world renowned wine routes, the Karoo and Cape Town. It is the perfect location for a base to explore the diversity of this part of the Western Cape. Some suggestions of local activities and sights: BIRDWATCHING at Langebaan Lagoon; CANOEING Berg River; FLOWERS Darling; Hopefield in the spring; GOLF Malmesbury/ Wellington; HIKING Die Hel, Groot Winterhoek; HISTORY WALK Malmesbury; PARA and HANG GLIDING Porterville; ROCK CLIMBING Cederberg; SAILING Voëlvlei; SCENIC DRIVE Baines Kloof; SNOW Ceres in winter, WINDSURFING Saldanha.

An hour's drive from the Riebeek Valley


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